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Helping Students in Distress

If you need to know who to call to help a student right now, then click this link to a one-pager with contact info.

Title IX Coordinator: Katie Polidoro, 1-1824.
Duty to Report: If you are a Responsible Employee (all instructional staff, and many other University employees, are Responsible Employees), then you have a duty to report to the Title IX Coordinator when a student tells you about an instance of sexual harrassment, sexual assault, stalking, or domestic violence.

If you would like more information about resources available to help students in distress, see the Dean of Students guide for faculty and staff: Responding to Students in DistressClick here to access the Dean of Students' Reporting System, and click on "Issue a Referral" in the right-hand menu to refer a student for their attention.

For situations that are not urgent, click here for a good list of student support organizations around campus that serve a wide variety of needs.

If your concerns primarily relate to academic performance (including not showing up for class), consider the Early Academic Referral System.