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Computer Science Ambassadors

This is a photo of am ambassador's name tag.

CS Ambassadors are students who are dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about Computer Science at Virginia Tech.  Our CS Ambassadors are integral partners in crafting and facilitating engaging, experiential activities for our students, staff, faculty, our extensive community and honored guests.

CS Ambassadors take a lead role in our information sessions, tabling events, open houses, networking opportunities, professional development, community service and so much more! These leaders also attend our Departmental Faculty, Programming and Diversity committees and provide valuable feedback and insight from the student prospective.


  • Are current Virginia Tech students officially declared in the Computer Science major.
  • Agree to represent the CS Department in a professional manner at all times, including wearing of CS-branded attire and name badge to all events.
  • Maintain good academic and student conduct standings to become and remain an ambassador.
  • Agree, to the best of their ability, to be present at all events for which they have volunteered.
  • Are open, honest, collaborative, friendly and professional.

One of the reasons I wanted to become an Ambassador was to share my experiences as a CS student with other fellow students who might just be getting started with their journey. This not only helps those who are in need but also helps me learn a lot. I believe innovation and change are driven by working together as a team and helping each other grow. Being an ambassador has allowed me to do that.

-Samridhi Roshan, Returning CS Ambassador

Coming into an engineering school and being a woman in Computer Science, I was worried that I would struggle for my voice to be heard.  However, Virginia Tech has really allowed me to find my voice and find other people like myself who are passionate about Computer Science. Previously being an ambassador, and also having other leadership roles in different organizations at Virginia Tech, I have realized that by being a leader you can foster change in the system in your own way, and also help others to feel more included, and guided. 

-Shreya Jain, Returning CS Ambassador

We are seeking students to join our current cadre of exceptional leaders who truly enjoy working with others and want to share their knowledge and love of all things Computer Science.  Once selected, CS Ambassadors are expected to be available for 10-15 hours per semester to facilitate and participate in engagement activities. An additional to 5-10 hours may be required for orientation, professional development and celebrations.

If you are hesitant to become an Ambassador because you feel like you lack leadership experience and/or aren't as knowledgeable as you want to be about Computer Science, don't let that keep you from applying. What is most important is that our Ambassadors be enthusiastic and willing to learn!

For questions, please email and/or call (540) 231-6931.