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Degrees and Programs in CS @ VT

The Computer Science Department offers Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees for a growing number of undergraduate students who select from majors in Computer Science, Secure Computing, and/or Data-Centric Computing. An Accelerated BS/MS program is also offered for qualified incoming undergraduate students who wish to complete a five-year program. 

The department is also home to a thriving graduate program, which offers Master of Science (MS), Master of Engineering (MEng), and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in Computer Science on both the Blacksburg and D.C. Metro area campuses.

In addition to its own degree programs, the department contributes to several additional academic programs at Virginia Tech, including...

Student Enrollment Data for Academic Year 2023-24

Undergraduate Majors 1,545
Undergraduate Minors 600
Students from Underrepresented Races/Ethnicities* 15%
First Generation Students 25%
Students Who Identify as Female 18%
Students with Virginia Residency 70%
International Students 11%

(Students located in Blacksburg and in the D.C. metropolitan area.)
Master of Science in Computer Science (MS) Students 113
Master of Engineering in Computer Science (MEng) Students 457
Ph.D. Students 307
International Students 63%
Students from Underrepresented Races/Ethnicities*   9%
Students Who Identify as Female 30%

* Underrepresented Races/Ethnicities in Computer Science include American Indian or Alaska Native, Black or African American, Hispanics of any race, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and individuals of two or more races.