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Past PhD Recipients


Adhikari, Bijaya, Domain-based Frameworks and Embeddings for Dynamics over Networks. Advisor: B. Aditya Prakash.

Adhinarayanan, Vignesh, Models and Techniques for Green High-Performance Computing. Advisor: Wu-chun Feng.

Ahmadian, Mansooreh, Hybrid Modeling and Simulation of Stochastic Effects on Biochemical Regulatory Networks. Advisors: Young Cao and John J. Tyson.

Bharadwah, Aditya, Mixed-Initiative Methods for Following Design Guidelines in Creative Tasks. Advisors: T. M. Murali and Kurt Luther.

Chang, Tyler, Mathematical Software for Multiobjective Optimization Problems. Advisor: Layne T. Watson.

Chen, Zhiqian, Graph Neural Networks: Techniques and Applications. Advisor: C.T. Lu.

Cui, Xuewen, Directive-Based Data Partitioning and Pipelining and Auto-Tuning for High-Performance GPU Computing. Wu-chun Feng.

Dash, Sajal, Exploring the Landscape of Big Data Analytics Through Domain-Aware Algorithm Design. Wu-chun Feng.

Davis, James, On the Impact and Defeat of Regular Expression Denial of Service. Advisor: Dongyoon Lee.

Dowling, Michelle, Semantic Interaction for Symmetrical Analysis and Automated Foraging of Documents and Terms. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Elsherbini, Noha. Applying Curricular Alignment to Improve the Effectiveness of CS Education. Advisor: Stephen H. Edwards.

Forouzesh, Negin, Efficient Biomolecular Computations Towards Applications in Drug Discovery. Advisor: Alexey Onufriev.

Glandon, Steven, Time Integration Methods for Large-scale Scientific Simulations. Advisor: Adrian Sandu.

Gusukuma, Luke, Misconception Driven Student Analysis Model: Applications of a Cognitive Model in Teaching Computing. Advisor: Dennis G. Kafura.

Hu, Hang, Characterizing and Detecting Online Deception via Data-Driven Methods. Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Islam, Mohammad, Detecting and Mitigating Rumors in Social Media. Advisor: C.T. Lu.

Jan, Steve, Robustifying Machine Learning based Security Applications. Advisors: Gang Wang and Bimal Viswanath.

Kazerouni, Ayaan Mehdi. Measuring the Software Development Process to Enable Formative Feedback. Advisors: Clifford A. Shaffer and Stephen H. Edwards.

Lahn, Nathaniel, A Separator-Based Framework for Graph Matching Problems. Advisor: Sharath Raghvendra.

Li, Liuqing, Event-related Collections Understanding and Services. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Li, Tianyi, Solving Mysteries with Crowds: Supporting Crowdsourced Sensemaking with a Modularized Pipeline and Context Slices. Advisors: Christopher L. North and Kurt Luther.

Lux, Thomas, Interpolants, Error Bounds, and Mathematical Software for Modeling and Predicting Variability in Computer Systems. Advisors: Layne T. Watson and Yili Hong.

Masiane, Moeti, Insight Driven Sampling for Interactive Data Intensive Computing. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Paul, Arnab Kumar, An Application-Attuned Framework for Optimizing HPC Storage Systems. Advisor: Ali Butt.

Pratapa, Aditya, Algorithms for Regulatory Network Inference and Experiment Planning in Systems Biology. Advisor: T.M. Murali.

Rahaman, Sazzadur, From Theory to Practice: Deployment-grade Tools and Methodologies for Software Security. Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Shukla, Manu, Algorithmic Distribution of Applied Learning on Big Data. Advisor: C.T. Lu.

Song, Zheng, Self-Adaptive Edge Services: Enhancing Reliability, Efficiency, and Adaptiveness under Unreliable, Scarce, and Dissimilar Resources. Advisor: Eli Tilevich.

Song, Ziqian, The Impact of Corporate Crisis on Stock Returns: An Event-driven Approach. Advisors: Edward A. Fox and Weigao Fan.

Techapalokul, Peeratham, Automated Identification and Application of Code Refactoring in Scratch to Promote the Culture Quality from the Ground up. Advisor: Eli Tilevich.

Torfi, Amirsina, Privacy-Preserving Synthetic Medical Data Generation with Deep Learning. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Zhang, Ruide, Hardware-Aided Privacy Protection and Cyber Defense for IoT. Advisors: Wenjing Lou and Ning Zhang.

Zhao, Nannan, Towards a Flexible High-efficiency Storage System for Containerized Applications. Advisor: Ali Butt.


Arango Argoty, Gustavo Alonso, Computational Tools for Annotating Antibiotic Resistance in Metagenomic Data. Advisor: Liqing Zhang.

Bortz, Brennon Christopher, Using Music and Emotion to Enable Effective Affective Computing. Advisor: R. Benjamin Knapp.

Cedeno, Vanessa Ines, Pipelines for Computational Social Science Experiments and Model Building with Exemplars of Collective Identity and Anagram Games: Mechanistic and Data Driven Modeling. Advisor: Madhav V. Marathe and Christopher L. North.

Chen, Minghan, Stochastic Modeling and Simulation of Multiscale Biochemical Systems. Advisor: Young Cao and Layne T. Watson.

Edmison Jr, Kenneth Robert, Turning Up the Heat!: Using Fault-Localizing Heat Maps to Help Students Improve Their Code. Advisor: Stephen H. Edwards.

Fan, Shuangfei, Deep Representation Learning on Labeled Graphs. Advisor: Bert Huang.

Hasan, Mohammad Shabbir, Identifying and analyzing indel variants in the human genome using computational approaches. Advisor: Liqing Zhang.

Keneshloo, Yaser, Addressing Challenges of Modern News Agencies via Predictive Modeling, Deep Learning, and Transfer Learning. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan and Chandan Reddy.

Ma, Yufeng, Going Deeper with Images and Natural Language. Advisor: Weiguo Fan and Edward A. Fox.Ekhtiari Amiri, Sorour, Task-specific summarization of networks: Optimization and Learning. Advisor: B. Aditya Prakash.

Narayanamurthi, Mahesh, Advanced time integration methods with applications to simulation, inverse problems, and  uncertainty quantification. Advisor: Adrian Sandu.

Niu, Shuo, Investigating Awareness-Supporting Techniques in Co-located Sensemaking. Advisor: D. Scott McCrickard.

Pumma, Sarunya, Scalability Analysis and Optimization for Large-Scale Deep Learning. Advisor: Wu-chun Feng.

Raisi, Elaheh, Weakly Supervised Machine Learning for Cyberbullying Detection. Advisor: Bert Huang.

Tibau Benitez, Javier Alejandro, Exploring and Promoting Family Connections at a Distance Through FamilySong. Advisor: Deborah G. Tatar and Steven R. Harrison.

Tithi, Saima Sultana, Computational Analysis of Viruses in Metagenomic Data. Advisor: Liqing Zhang.

Wenskovitch Jr, John Edward, Dimension Reduction and Clustering for Interactive Visual Analytics. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Yu, Run, Designing Coherent Interactions for Virtual Reality. Advisor: Doug A. Bowman.

Yu, Xiaodong, Algorithms, and Frameworks for Accelerating Security Applications on HPC Platforms. Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Zhang, Tong, Designing Practical Software Bug Detectors Using Commodity Hardware and Common Programming Patterns. Advisor: Changhee Jung and Dongyoon Lee.

Zhang, Zuchao, Scalable Robust Models Under Adversarial Data Corruption. Advisor: Chang-Tien Lu.


Anwar, Ali, Towards Efficient and Flexible Object Storage Using Resource and Functional Partitioning. Advisor: Ali R.A. Butt.

Chen, Liangzhe, Segmenting, Summarizing and Predicting Data Sequences. Advisor: B. Aditya Prakash.

Cheng, Long, Program Anomaly Detection Against Data-Oriented Attacks. Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Du, Changlai, Exploring the Sensing Capability of Wireless Signals. Advisor: Wenjing Lou.

Elbery, Ahmed, Large-Scale Modeling of Smart Cities Considering the Mutual Impact of Transportation and Communication Systems. Advisor: Madhav V. Marathe.

Esakia, Andria, Smartwatch Centered System for Facilitating Group Processes of Small Teams in a Statewide Health Promotion Program. Advisor: D. Scott McCrickard.

Guo, Jia, Trust-based Service Management of Internet of Things Systems and Its Applications. Advisor: Ing-Ray Chen.

Handosa, Mohamed Hussein Hafez, Supporting User Interactions with Smart Built Environments. Advisor: Denis Gracanin and Hicham G. Elmongui.

Hou, Kaixi, Exploring Performance Portability for Accelerators via High-level Parallel Patterns. Advisor: Wu-chun Feng.

Khandpur, Rupinder, Augmenting Dynamic Query Expansion in Microblog Texts. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Krishnan, Siddharth, Seeing the Forest for the Trees: New approaches to Characterizing and Forecasting Cascades. Advisor: Lenwood S. Heath.

Li, Bo, Modeling and Runtime Systems for Coordinated Power-Performance Management. Advisor: Kirk W. Cameron.

Ning, Yue Maassen, Modeling Information Precursors for Event Forecasting. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Porter, Jacob, Mapping Bisulfite-Treated Short DNA Reads. Advisor: Liqing Zhang.

Santos Lages, Wallace, Walk-Centric User Interfaces for Mixed Reality. Advisor: Doug Bowman.

Saraf, Parang, A Cost-Effective Semi-Automated Approach for Comprehensive Event Extraction. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Stewart, Michael Clark, CoListen. Advisor: Deborah Tatar.

Sun, Wenhai, Towards Secure Outsourced Data Services in the Public Cloud. Advisor: Wenjing Lou.

Tian, Ke, Learning-based Cyber Security Analysis and Binary Customization for Security. Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Umar, Miriam, Energy and Performance Models Enabling Design Space Exploration for High Performance Computing. Advisor: Kirk W. Cameron.

Wang, Nai-Ching, Supporting Historical Research and Education with Crowdsourced Analysis of Primary Sources. Advisor: Kurt Luther.

Xu, Luna, A Workload-aware Resource Management and Scheduling System for Big Data Analysis. Advisor: Ali R. Butt.

Zavar Moosavi, Azam Sadat, Probabilistic and Statistical Learning Models for Error Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification. Advisor: Adrian Sandu.

Zhang, Xuan, Product Defect Discovery and Summarization from Online User Reviews. Advisors: Weiguo Fan and Edward A. Fox.



Altarawy, Doaa A., DeTangle: A Framework for Interactive Prediction and Visualization of Gene Regulatory Networks. Advisor: Lenwood S. Heath.

Apostolellis, Panagiotis, Evaluating Group Interaction and Engagement using Virtual Environments and Serious Games for Student Audiences in Informal Learning Settings. Advisor: Doug A. Bowman.

Bart, Austin C., Motivating Introductory Computing Students with Pedagogical Datasets Advisors: Clifford A. Shaffer and Eli Tilevich.

Bhuiyan, Md Hasanuzzaman, Parallel Algorithms for Switching Edges and Generating Random Graphs from Given Degree Sequences using HPC Platforms. Advisor: Madhav V. Marathe and Maleq Khan.

Cadena, Jose E., Finding Interesting Subgraphs with Guarantees. Advisor: Anil Vullikanti.

Chen, Yinlin, A High-quality Digital Library Supporting Computing Education: The Ensemble Approach. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Cheng, Yue. Workload-aware Efficient Storage Systems. Advisor: Ali R.A. Butt.

Eid, Fatma Elzahraa S., Predicting the Interactions of Viral and Human Proteins. Advisor: Lenwood S. Heath.

Elmarakeby, Haitham A., Deep Learning for Biological Problems. Advisor: Lenwood S. Heath.

Ghosh, Saurav, News Analytics for Global Infectious Disease Surveillance. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishan.

Hasan, S.M. Shamimul, A Semantic Web-Based Digital Library Infrastructure to Facilitate Computational Epidemiology. Advisors: Madhav V. Marathe and Edward A. Fox.

Hua, Ting, Topics, Events, Stories in Social Media. Advisor: Chang-Tien Lu.

Kalim, Umar, Cognizant Networks: A Model and Framework for Session-based Communications and Adaptive Networking. Advisor: Wu-Chun Feng.

Krommydas, Konstantinos   Towards Enhancing Performance, Programmability, and Portability in Heterogeneous Computing  Advisor: Feng, Wu-chun

Leal, Anamary, Negotiating Material Description Through Technology. Advisor: Steven R. Harrison.

Liu, Fang. Mining Security Risks from Massive Datasets. Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Mohammed, Ayat M., High-dimensional Data in Scientific Visualization: Representation, Fusion and Difference. Advisor: Nicholas F. Polys.

Parikh, Nidhi K., Behavior Modeling and Analytics for Urban Computing: A Synthetic Information-based Approach. Advisors: Madhav V. Marathe and Samarth Swarup.

Reach, Andrew. Smooth Interactive Visualization. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Seyam, Mohammed S., Multifaceted Approach for Teaching Mobile Software Development: Class Experiences with Lectures, Tutorials, and Pair Programming. Advisor: D. Scott McCrickard.

Tabataba, Farzaneh, On the 3 M's of Epidemic Forecasting: Methods, Measures, and Metrics. Advisors: Madhav V. Marathe and Bryan Lewis.

Torkey, Hanaa A., Machine Learning Approaches for Identifying microRNA Targets and Conserved Protein Complexes. Advisor: Lenwood S. Heath.

Wang, Wei, Event Detection and Extraction from News Articles. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Wang, Yao, Exploring the Role of Prospective Memory in Location-Based Reminders. Advisor: Manuel A. Perez-Quinones.

Warren, Andrew S., Methods for Analysis of Prokaryotic Genome Architecture. Advisors: Joao Setubal and Lenwood S. Heath.

Wu, Sichao, Computational Framework for Uncertainty Quantification, Sensitivity Analysis and Experimental Design of Network-based Computer Simulation Models. Advisor: Madhav V. Marathe and Henning Mortveit.

Zhang, Jing, Transforming and Optimizing Irregular Applications for Parallel Architectures. Advisor: Wu-Chun Feng.

Zhang, Yao, Optimizing and Understanding Network Structure for Diffusion. Advisor: B. Aditya Prakash.



Alam, Md Maksudul, HPC-based Parallel Algorithms for Generating Random Networks and Some Other Network Analysis Problems. Advisors: Madhav V. Marathe and Maleq Khan.

Arifuzzaman, S.M., Parallel Mining and Analysis of Triangles and Communities in Big Networks  Advisors: Madhav V. Marathe and Maleq Khan.

Aslan, Serdar, Digital Educational Games: Methodologies for Development and Software Quality. Advisor: Osman Balci.

Attia, Ahmed M., Advanced Sampling Methods for Solving Large-Scale Inverse Problems. Adivsor: Adrian Sandu.

Chakraborty, Prithwish, Data-Driven Methods for Modeling and Predicting Multivariate Time Series using Surrogates. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Deodhar, Suruchi, Data Integration Methodologies and Services for Evaluation and Forecasting of Epidemics. Advisor: Madhav V. Marathe.

El Meligy Abdelhamid, Sherif H. Providing High Performance Computing based Models as a Service: Architecture and  Services for Modeling Contagions on Large Networked Populations. Advisors: Madhav V. Marathe and Christopher Kuhlman.

Farag, Mohamed Magdy Gharib. Intelligent Event Focused Crawling. Advisors: Edward A. Fox and Riham H. Mansour.

Farghally, Mohammed F., Visualizing Algorithm Analysis Topics. Advisor: Clifford A. Shaffer.

Hossain, K S M Tozammel, Modeling Evolutionary Constraints and Improving Multiple Sequence Alignments using Residue Couplings. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Jin, Fang, Algorithms for Modeling Mass Movements and their Adoption in Social Networks. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Kamal, Tariq, Computational Cost Analysis of Large-Scale Agent-Based Epidemic Simulations. Advisor: Ali R.A. Butt.

Khadivi, Pejman, Online Denoising Solutions for Forecasting Applications. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Lee, Sunshin, Geo-Locating Tweets with Latent Location Information. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Momtazpour, Marjan, Knowledge Discovery for Sustainable Urban Mobility. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Nabiyouni, Mahdi, How Does Interaction Fidelity Influence User Experience in VR Locomotion?  Advisor: Doug A. Bowman.

Radics, Peter J., A Novel Approach to Modeling Contextual Privacy Preference and Practice. Advisor: Nicholas F. Polys.

Saha, Sudip, Containing Cascading Failures in Networks: Applications to Epidemics and Cybersecurity. Advisor: Anil S. Vullikanti.

Sawyer, Blake A., The Physical-Social Context in Information Refinding. Advisor: Manuel A. Perez-Quinones.

Self, Jessica A., Designing and Evaluating Object-Level Interaction to Support Human-Model Communication in Data Analysis. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Shao, Huijuan, Temporal Mining Approaches for Smart Buildings Research. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Shu, Xiaokui, Threat Detection in Program Execution and Data Movement: Theory and Practice. Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Sun, Maoyuan, Visual Analytics with Biclusters: Exploring Coordinated Relationships in Context. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Tranquilli, Paul J., Lightly-Implicit Methods for the Time Integration of Large Applications. Advisor: Adrian Sandu.

Wang, Bing, Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing. Advisor: Wenjing Lou.

Wang, Shuo, Analysis and Application of Haseltine and Rawlings's Hybrid Stochastic Simulation Algorithm. Advisor: Young Cao.

Wang, Yating, Trust-Based Service Management for Service-Oriented Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and Its Application to Service Composition and Task Assignment with Multi-Objective Optimization Goals. Advisor: Ing-Ray Chen.

Zhang, Ning, Attack and Defense with Hardware-Aided Security. Advisor: Wenjing Lou.

Zhao, Liang, Spatio-temporal Event Detection and Forecasting in Social Media. Advisor: Chang-Tien Lu.

Zheng, Yao, Privacy Preservation for Cloud-Based Data Sharing and Data Analytics  Advisor: Wenjing Lou.



Aji, Ashwin M., Programming High-Performance Clusters with Heterogeneous Computing Devices  Advisor: Wu-Chun Feng.

Bacim de Araujo e Silva, Felipe, Increasing Selection Accuracy and Speed through Progressive Refinement. Advisor: Doug A. Bowman.

Badr, Eman M., Identifying Splicing Regulatory Elements with de Bruijn Graphs. Advisor: Lenwood S. Heath.

Bradel, Lauren C., Multi-Model Semantic Interaction for Scalable Text Analytics. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Chang, Hung-Ching, Measuring, modeling, and optimizing counterintuitive performance phenomena in power-scalable, parallel systems. Advisor: Kirk W. Cameron.

Chung, HaeYong, Designing Display Ecologies for Visual Analysis. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Elish, Karim, User-Intention Based Program Analysis for Android Security. Advisor: Danfang Yao.

Elshahali, Mai H., Real-Time Processing and Visualization of 3D Time-Variant Datasets. Advisor: Denis Gracanin.

Fouh Mbindi, Eric N., Building and Evaluating a Learning Environment for Data Structures and Algorithms Courses. Advisor: Clifford A. Shaffer.

Hamouda, Sally M., Enhancing Learning of Recursion. Advisors: Clifford A. Shaffer and Hicham G. Elmongui.

Hanrahan, Benjamin V., Getting Lost in Email: How and Why Users Spend More Time in Email than Intended. Advisor: Manuel A. Perez-Quinones.

Hebbur Venkata Subba Rao, Vishwas, Adjoint based solution and uncertainty quantification techniques for variational inverse problems  Advisor: Adrian Sandu.

Kan'an, Tarek G., Arabic News Text Classification and Summarization: A Case of the Electronic Library Institute SeerQ (ELISQ). Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Khasymski, Aleksandr S., Accelerated Storage Systems. Advisor: Ali R.A. Butt.

Khater, Shaymaa, Personalized Recommendation for Online Social Networks Information: Personal Preferences and Location Based Community Trends. Advisors: Denis Gracanin and Hicham G. Elmongui.

Kumaraswamy Ravindranathan, Krishnaraj, Exploiting Heterogeneity in Distributed Software Frameworks. Advisor: Ali R.A. Butt.

Li, Fei, Stochastic Modeling and Simulation of Reaction-Diffusion Biochemical Systems. Advisor: Young Cao.

Liu, Mingming, Predicting the Functional Effects of Human Short Variations Using Hidden Markov Models. Advisor: Liqing Zhang.

Nino Ruiz, Elias D., Efficient formulation and implementation of ensemble based methods in data assimilation. Advisor: Adrian Sandu.

Pu, Yang, The Art of Modeling and Simulation of Multiscale Biochemical Systems. Advisors: Young Cao and Layne T. Watson.

Rahman, Md Ahsanur, Unstable Communities in Network Ensembles. Advisor: T.M. Murali.

Robinson, Ashley R., The Attitudes of African American Middle School Girls Toward Computer Science: Influences of Home, School, and Technology Use. Advisors: Manuel A. Perez-Quinones and Glenda Scales.

Shams, Zalia, Automated Assessment of Student-written Tests Based on Defect-detection Capability. Advisor: Stephen H. Edwards.

Su, Chun-Yi, Energy-aware Thread and Data Management in Heterogeneous Multi-Core, Multi-Memory Systems. Advisor: Kirk W. Cameron.

Subramaniam, Balaji, Metrics, Models and Methodologies for Energy-Proportional Computing. Advisor: Wu-Chun Feng.

Tuli, Gaurav, Modeling and Twitter-based Surveillance of Smoking Contagion. Advisor: Madhav V. Marathe and Samarth Swarup.

Wei, Shiyi, Practical Analysis of the Dynamic Characteristics of JavaScript.  Advisor: Barbara G. Ryder.

Zhang, Hao, Discovery of Triggering Relations and Its Applications in Network Security and Android Malware Detection.  Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Aguilar Huacan, Boris Abner, Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of Implicit Solvent Models in Biomolecular Modeling. Advisor: Alexey Onufriev.

Akbar, Monika, Integrating Community with Collections in Educational Digital Libraries. Advisor: Clifford A. Shaffer.

Al-Hamadi, Hamid H., Dynamic Redundancy Management of Multisource Multipath Routing Integrated with Voting-based Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks. Advisor: Ing-Ray Chen.

Branham, Stacy, Designing Technologies for Empathic Communication. Advisor: Steve R. Harrison.

Buffardi, Kevin John, Modeling Student Software Testing Processes: Attitudes, Behaviors, Interventions, and Their Effects. Advisor: Stephen H. Edwards.

Butler, Patrick Julian Carey, Knowledge Discovery in Intelligence Analysis. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Chakraborty, Promita, A Computational Framework for Interacting with Physical Molecular Models of the Polypeptide Chain. Advisors: Ronald N. Zuckermann and Alexey Onufriev.

Chhabra, Meenal, Studies in the Algorithmic Pricing of Information Goods and Services. Advisors: Sanmay Das and Anil K.S. Vullikanti.

Deshpande, Shubhangi Govind, Advances in aircraft design: multiobjective optimization and a markup language. Advisors: Layne T. Watson and Robert A. Canfield.

Dos Santos, Raimundo, Effective Methods of Semantic Analysis in Spatial Contexts, Advisor: Chang-Tien Lu.

Easterling, David Robert, Solution of Constrained Clustering Problems through Homotopy Tracking. Advisor: Layne T. Watson.

Gad, Samah H., Expressive Forms of Topic Modeling to Support Digital Humanities. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Hafeez, Abdul, A Software Framework For the Detection and Classification of Biological Targets in Bio-Nano Sensing. Advisor: Ali R.A. Butt.

Kwon, Young-Woo, Effective Fusion and Separation of Distribution, Fault-Tolerance, and Energy-Efficiency Concerns. Advisor: Eli Tilevich.

Laha, Bireswar, Immersive Virtual Reality and 3D Interaction for Volume Data Analysis. Advisor: Doug A. Bowman.

Li, Min, A resource management framework for cloud computing. Advisor: Ali R.A. Butt.

Nikolaev, Ruslan, Design and Implementation of the VirtuOS Operating System. Advisor: Godmar V. Back.

Scogland, Thomas R.W., Runtime Adaptation for Autonomic Heterogeneous Computing. Advisor: Wu-Chun Feng.

Xia, Huadong, Modeling, Analysis and Comparison of Large Scale Social Contact Networks on Epidemic Studies. Advisor: Madhav V. Marathe.

Xu, Kui, Anomaly Detection Through System and Program Behavior Modeling. Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Yan, Qiben, Security Enhanced Communications in Cognitive Networks. Advisor: Wenjing Lou.

Yang, Seungwon, Automatic Identification of Topic Tags from Texts Based on Expansion-Extraction Approach. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Yeom, Jae-Seung, Optimizing Data Accesses for Scaling Data-intensive Scientific Applications. Advisors: Madhav V. Marathe and Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos.

Zhang, Hong, Efficient Time Stepping Methods and Sensitivity Analysis for Large Scale Systems of Differential Equations. Advisor: Adrian Sandu.

Almohri, Hussain, High Assurance Models for Secure Systems. Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Anguswamy, Reghu, Factors Affecting the Design and Use of Reusable Components. Advisor: William B. Frakes.

Bao, Fenye, Dynamic Trust Management for Mobile Networks and Its Applications. Advisor: Ing-Ray Chen.

Barksdale, Jeremy, Social Integration in Agile User Experience: Building Social Capital in Agile User Experience Software Teams. Advisor: D. Scott McCrickard.

Cioaca, Alexandru, A Computational Framework for Assessing and Optimizing the Performance of Observational Networks in 4D-Var Data Assimilation. Advisor: Adrian Sandu.

Elglaly, Yasmine Nader Mohamed, Spatial Reading System for Individuals with Blindness. Advisor: Francis Quek.

Elteir, Marwa Khamis, A MapReduce Framework for HeterogeneousComputing Architectures. Advisor: Wu-Chun Feng.

Jiao, Jian, A framework for finding and summarizing product defects, and ranking helpful threads from online customer forums through machine learning. Advisor: Weiguo Fan.

Kim, Ji Sun, Action-Inspired Approach to Design of Navigation Techniques for Effective Spatial Learning in 3-D Virtual Environments. Advisors: Denis Gracanin and Francis Quek.

Kuhlman, Christopher, High Performance Computational Social Science Modeling of Networked Populations. Advisor: Madhav V. Marathe.

Lee, Joon Suk, Micro-Coordination: Looking into the details of face-to-face coordination. Advisor: Deborah G. Tatar.

Liu, Xiaomo, Online Knowledge Community Mining and Modeling for Effective Knowledge Management. Advisor: Weiguo Fan.

Liu, Xutong, Prediction and Anomaly Detection Techniques for Spatial Data. Advisor: Chang-Tien Lu.

Ma, Yifei, A Database Supported Modeling Environment for Pandemic Planning and Course of Action Analysis. Advisors: Jiangzhuo Chen and Madhav V. Marathe.

Miller, Chreston Allen, Structural Model Discovery in Temporal Event Data Streams. Advisor: Francis Quek.

Mitchell III, Robert Raymond, Design and Analysis of Intrusion Detection Protocols in Cyber Physical Systems. Advisor: Ing-Ray Chen.

Park, Seung In, Modeling Social Group Interactions for Realistic Crowd Behaviors. Advisors: Francis Quek and Yong Cao.

Park, Sung Hee, Discipline-Independent Text Extraction from Heterogeneous Styled References Using Knowledge from the Web. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Peng, Chao, Real-time Visualization of Massive 3D Models on GPU Parallel Architectures. Advisor: Yong Cao.

Poirel, Christopher L., Bridging Methodological Gaps in Network-Based Systems Biology. Advisor: T.M. Murali.

Pyla, Hari Krishna, Safe Concurrent Programming and Execution. Advisors: Srinidhi Varadarajan and Calvin J. Ribbens.

Ragan, Eric Dennis, Supporting Learning through Spatial Information Presentations in Virtual Environments. Advisor: Doug A. Bowman.

Ramesh, Bharath, Samhita: Virtual Shared Memory for Non-Cache-Coherent Systems. Advisors: Srinidhi Varadarajan and Calvin J. Ribbens.

Singh, Hermanpreet, Controlling Scalability in Distributed Virtual Environments. Advisor: Denis Gracanin.

Song, Myoungkyu, Supporting Effective Reuse and Safe Evolution in Metadata-Driven Software Development. Advisor: Eli Tilevich.

Song, Shuaiwen, Power, Performance and Energy Models and Systems for Emergent Architectures. Advisor: Kirk W. Cameron.

Soundararajan, Shvetha, Assessing Agile Methods: Investigating Adequacy, Capability, and Effectiveness (An Objectives, Principles, Strategies Approach). Advisor: James D. Arthur.

Xiong, Huijun, Secure Data Service Outsourcing with Untrusted Cloud. Advisor: Danfeng Yao.

Ahn, Tae-Hyuk, Computational Techniques for the Analysis of Large Scale Biological Systems. Advisor: Adrian Sandu.

Alkandari, Mohammed, A Model of Multicultural Software Project Team Management applied in Requirements Engineering. Advisors: Shawn A. Bohner and Stephen H. Edwards.

Allevato, Anthony, From Intuition to Evidence: A Data-Driven Approach to Transforming CS Education. Advisor: Stephen H. Edwards.

Arendt, Dustin, In Search of Self-Organization. Advisor: Young Cao.

Chen, Feng, Efficient Algorithms for Mining Large Spatio-Temporal Data. Advisor: Chang-Tien Lu.

Cho, Yong Ju, Algorithms for Reconstructing and Reasoning about Chemical Reaction Networks. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Endert, Alexander, Semantic Interaction for Visual Analytics: Inferring Analytical Reasoning for Model Steering. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Guo, Sheng, Using Dependency Parses to Augment Feature Construction for Text Mining. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Hossain, Mahmud Shahriar, Exploratory Data Analysis using Clusters and Stories. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Lazem, Shaimaa, Analysis of the Relationships between Changes in Distributed System Behavior and Group Dynamics. Advisor: Denis Gracanin.

Leidig, Jonathan Paul, Epidemiology Experimentation and Simulation Management through Scientific Digital Libraries. Advisors: Edward A Fox and Madhav V. Marathe.

Li, Yinan, Integrated Mobility and Service Management for Network Cost Minimization in Wireless Mesh Networks. Advisor: Ing-Ray Chen.

Liu, Zhen, Stochastic Simulation Methods for Biochemical Systems with Multi-state and Multi-scale Features. Advisor: Young Cao.

Monti, Henry Matthew, An Integrated End-User Data Service for HPC Centers. Advisor: Ali R.A. Butt.

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Wahid, Shaikh Shahtab, Facilitating Design Knowledge Reuse Through Relationships. Advisor: Donald Scott McCrickard.

Ahmed, Hussein Mohammed, Context Sensitive Interaction Interoperability for Distributed Virtual Environments. Advisor: Denis Gracanin.

Belgin, Mehmet, Structure-based Optimizations for Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiply. Advisors: Godmar V. Back and Calvin J. Ribbens.

Boedihardjo, Arnold Priguna, Efficient Algorithms for Mining Data Streams. Advisor: Chang-Tien Lu.

Kang, Pilsung, Modular Implementation of Program Adaptation with Existing Scientific Codes. Advisors: Srinidhi Varadarajan and Naren Ramakrishnan.

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Shu, Jiang, Experiment Management for the Problem Solving Environment WBCSim. Advisor: Layne T. Watson.

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Tadepalli, Sriram Satish, Schemas of Clustering. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

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Turner, Scott Alexander, Peer Review in CS2: the Effects on Attitudes, Engagement, and Conceptual Learning. Advisor: Manuel A. Perez-Quinones.

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Constantinescu, Emil Mihai, Adaptive Numerical Methods for Large Scale Simulations and Data Assimilation. Advisor: Adrian Sandu.

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Guo, Donghang, Large-Scale Simulations for Complex Adaptive Systems with Application to Biological Domains. Advisor: Eunice E. Santos.

Kim, Seonho, Visualizing Users, User Communities, and Usage Trends in Complex Information Systems Using Implicit Rating Data. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Malik, Zaki, Reputation-based Trust Framework for Service Oriented Environments. Advisor: Denis Gracanin.

Pati, Amrita, Graph-based genomic signatures. Advisor: Lenwood S. Heath.

Randhawa, Ranjit, Model Composition and Aggregation in Macromolecular Regulatory Networks. Advisor: Clifford A. Shaffer.

Ravichandar, Ramya, Capabilities Engineering: Promoting Change-Reduction and Constructing Change-Tolerant Systems. Advisor: James D. Arthur.

Ray, Andrew, The Interaction Framework For Innovation: A Method for Creating Reusable Three Dimensional Interaction Techniques. Advisor: Doug A. Bowman.

Rivera, Corban G., Automatic Reconstruction of the Building Blocks of Molecular Interaction Networks. Advisor: T. M. Murali.

Speer, Ngoc Anh Phan, Design and Analysis of Adaptive Fault Tolerant QoS Control Algorithms for Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks. Advisor: Ing-Ray Chen.

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Yilmaz, Okan, A Class of Call Admission Control Algorithms for Resource Management and Reward Optimization for Servicing Multiple QoS Classes in Wireless Networks and Its Applications. Advisor: Ing-Ray Chen.

Yu, Qi, A Foundational Framework for Service Query Optimization. Advisors: Athman Bouguettaya and Denis Gracanin.

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Chen, Yuxin, A Novel Hybrid Focused Crawling Algorithm to Build Domain-Specific Collections. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Ge, Rong, Theories and Techniques for Efficient High-End Computing. Advisor: Kirk W. Cameron.

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Howarth, Jonathan Randall, Supporting Novice Usability Practitioners with Usability Engineering Tools. Advisor: H. Rex Hartson.

Kim, Kibum, The Effects of Handheld Network Service "Look" on the Acquisition of Common Ground. Advisor: Deborah Tatar.

Kumar, Deept, Redescription Mining: Algorithms and Applications in Bioinformatics. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Pan, Long, Effective and Efficient Methodologies for Social Network Analysis. Advisor: Eunice E. Santos.

Pyla, Pardha S., Connecting the usability and software engineering life cycles through a communication-fostering software development framework and cross-pollinated computer science courses. Advisor: H. Rex Hartson.

Rezgui, Abdelmounaam, Service-Oriented Sensor-Actuator Networks. Advisor: Mohamed Eltoweissy.

Richardson, W. Ryan, Using Concept Maps as a Tool for Cross-Language Relevance Determination. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Sidky, Ahmed Samy, A Structured Approach to Adopting Agile Practices: The Agile Adoption Framework. Advisor: James D. Arthur.

Tan, Roy Patrick, Programming Language and Tools for Automated Testing. Advisor: Stephen H. Edwards.

Yang, Xu, Multi-channel Mobile Access to Web Services. Advisor: Denis Gracanin and Athman Bouguettaya.

Yost, Beth Ann, The Visual Scalability of Integrated and Multiple View Visualizations for Large, High Resolution Displays. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Ball, Robert Glenn, Effects of Large, High-Resolution Displays for Geospatial Information Visualization. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Bazaz, Anil, A Framework for Deriving Verification and Validation Strategies to Assess Software Security. Advisor: James D. Arthur.

Capra, Robert G., An Investigation of Finding and Refinding Information on the Web. Advisor: Manuel A. Perez-Quinones.

Chen, Jian, Design and Evaluation of Domain-Specific Interaction Techniques in the AEC Domain for Immersive Virtual Environments. Advisor: Doug A. Bowman.

Feizabadi, Shahrooz Shojania, Garbage Collection Scheduling for Utility Accrual Real-Time Systems. Advisor: Godmar V. Back and Edward A. Fox.

Fink, Glenn Allen, Visual Correlation of Network Traffic and Host Processes for Computer Security. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Kou, Yufeng, Abnormal Pattern Recognition in Spatial Data. Advisor: Chang-Tien Lu.

Mukherjee, Joy, A Runtime Framework for Parallel Programs. Advisor: Srinidhi Varadarajan.

Polys, Nicholas Fearing, Display Techniques in Information-Rich Virtual Environments. Advisor: Doug A. Bowman.

Saraiya, Purviben Bharatkumar, Insight-Based Studies for Pathway and Microarray Visualization Tools. Advisor: Christopher L. North.

Shen, Rao, Applying the 5S Framework To Integrating Digital Libraries. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Thomas, Liya, Automated Detection of Surface Defects on Barked Hardwood Logs and Stems Using 3-D Laser Scanned Data. Advisor: Clifford A. Shaffer and Lamine M. Mili.

Xi, Wensi, Iterative Computing over a Unified Relationship Matrix for Information Integration. Advisor: Weiguo Fan.

Zhang, Baoping, Intelligent Fusion of Evidence from Multiple Sources for Text Classification. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Ali, Mir Farooq, A Transformation-based Approach to Building Multi-Platform User Interfaces Using a Task Model and the User Interface Markup Language. Advisor: Manuel A. Perez-Quinones.

Chin, George, A Case Study in the Participatory Design of a Collaborative Science-Based Learning Environment. Advisor: Mary Beth Rosson.

Das Neves, Fernando Adrian, Stepping Stones and Pathways:Improving Retrieval by Chains of Relationships between Documents. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Goncalves, Marcos Andre, Streams, Structures, Spaces,Scenarios, and Societies (5S): A Formal Digital Library Framework and Its Applications. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Lewis, Tracy L., Design Readiness: An Exploratory Model of Object-Oriented Design Performance. Advisor: Manuel A. Perez-Quinones.

Lorch, Markus, PRIMA - Privilege Management and Authorization in Grid Computing Environments. Advisor: Dennis G. Kafura.

Medjahed, Brahim, Semantic Web Enabled Composition of Web Services. Advisor: Athman Bouguettaya.

Neil, Richard L, Support for Pointer Semantics in a Generative Communication Framework. Advisor: James D. Arthur.

Ouzzani, Mourad, Efficient Delivery of Web Services. Advisor: Athman Bouguettaya.

Perugini, Saverio, Program Transformations for Information Personalization. Advisor: Naren Ramakrishnan.

Schafer, Wendy Ann, Supporting Spatial Collaboration: An Investigation of Viewpoint Constraint and Awareness Techniques. Advisor: Doug A. Bowman.

Seals, Cheryl Denise, A framework for Learning and Reuse in Visual Programming Environments: Supporting Novice Programmer Development of Educational Simulations. Advisor: Mary Beth Rosson.

Somervell, Jacob Paul, Developing Heuristic Evaluation Methods for Large Screen Information Exhibits Based on Critical Parameters. Advisor: Donald Scott McCrickard.

Zwolak, Jason Walter, Computational Tools for Molecular Networks in Biological Systems. Advisors: Layne T. Watson and John J. Tyson.

Gröner, Markus K., Capturing Requirements Meeting Customer Intent: A Methodological Approach. Advisor: James D. Arthur.

Suleman, Hussein, Open Digital Libraries. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Yilmaz, Levent, Specifying and Verifying Collaborative Behavior in Component-Based Systems. Advisor: Stephen H. Edwards.

Phanouriou, Constantinos, UIML: A Device-Independent User Interface Markup Language. Advisor: Marc Abrams.

Struble, Craig Andrew, Analysis and Implementation of Algorithms for Noncommutative Algebra. Advisor: Lenwood S. Heath and Edward L. Green.

Abdulla, Ghaleb, Analysis and Modeling of World Wide Web Traffic. Advisor: Edward A. Fox.

Begole, James Michael Allen, Flexible Collaboration Transparency: Supporting Worker Independence in Replicated Application-Sharing Systems. Advisor: Clifford A. Shaffer.

Challa, Siva Prasadarao, Improving Polymorphism and Concurrency in Common Object Models. Advisor: Dennis G. Kafura.

Mateescu, Gabriel, Domain Decomposition Preconditioners for Hermite Collocation Problems. Advisor: Calvin J. Ribbens.

Stevens, K. Todd Jr., The Effects of Roles and Personality Characteristicson Software Development Team Effectiveness. Advisor: Sallie M. Henry.

Driver, Maria Sosonkina, Parallel Sparse Linear Algebra for Homotopy Methods. Advisor: Layne T. Watson.

Keller, Benjamin J., Algorithms and Orders for Finding Noncummutative Grobner Bases. Advisor: Lenwood S. Heath and Edward L. Green.

Nowell, Lucille Terry, Graphical Encoding for Information Visualization:Using Icon Color, Shape, and Size to Convey Nominaland Quantitative Data. Advisor: Deborah S. Hix.

Ribler, Randy L., Visualizing Categorical Time Series Data with Applications to Computer and Communications Network Traces. Advisor: Marc Abrams.

Vergara, John Paul C., Sorting by Bounded Permutations. Advisor: Lenwood S. Heath.

Dzikiewicz, Joseph, Cyrano: a meta model for federated database systems. Advisor: Csaba J. Egyhazy.

Keenan, Susan Lynn, Product usability and process improvement based on usability problem classification. Advisors: H. Rex Hartson and Dennis G. Kafura.

Liu, Xiangdong, Analysis and Reduction of Moire Patterns in Scanned Halftone Pictures. Advisor: Roger W. Ehrich.

Flannery, Kevin, Conjunctive Polymorphic Type Checking With Explicit Types. Advisor: James D. Arthur.

He, Xudong, Integrating Formalisms in Software Development. Advisor: John A.N. Lee.

Lee, Keung Hae, Designing a statically typed actor-based concurrent object-oriented programming language. Advisor: Dennis G. Kafura.

Okie, Edward G., Error Directed Execution History. Advisor: James D. Arthur.

Siochi, Antonio, Empirically Based Interface Evaluation Techniques in Support of User Interface Design and Development. Advisor: Roger W. Ehrich.

Thacker, William I., Numerical Techniques for Some Magnetohydrodynamic Problems. Advisor: Layne T. Watson.

Moose, Robert L., Analysis of Networks with Dynamic Topologies. Advisor: Richard E. Nance.

Chu, Sung-Chi, System Level Fault Diagnosis by Testable Diagnosis Array. Advisor: J. Armstrong.

Canning, James T., The Application of Structure and Code Metrics to Large Scale Systems. Advisor: Dennis G. Kafura.

Fainter, Robert G., AdaTAD-A Debugger for the Ada Multi-Task Environment. Advisor: T.E. Lindquist.

Hix, Deborah, The Structure and Development of Human Computer Interfaces. Advisor: H. Rex Hartson.

Laribi, Atika, A Protection Model for Distributed Database Management Systems. Advisor: H. Rex Hartson.

Yunten, Tamer, Supervisory Methodology and Notation (Superman) for Human Computer Systems Development. Advisor: H. Rex Hartson.

Mulgaonkar, Prasanna, Analyzing Perspective Line Drawings Using Hypothesis Reasoning. Advisor: Linda G. Shapiro.

Noga, Mark T., Fast Geometric Algorithms. Advisor: Donald C.S. Allison.

Pong, Ting-Chuen, Determining Intrinsic Scene Characteristics of Images. Advisors: Robert M. Haralick and Linda G. Shapiro.

Wang, Shyuan, Spatial Reasoning About Remotely Sensed Data for Drainage Network Mapping. Advisor: Robert M. Haralick.

Chu, Yu Hong, Analyzing Perspective Views of a Wire Frame Object Model. Advisor: Robert M. Haralick.

Overstreet, C. Michael, Model Specification and Analysis for Discrete Event Simulation. Advisor: Richard E. Nance.

Lai, Peichung Forest, Texture Region Growing Based Upon a Structural Model of Texture.   Advisor: Roger W. Ehrich.

Trueblood, Robert P, Multiprocessor Architectures for Supporting Secure Database Management. Advisor: H. Rex Hartson.