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The stack@cs Center for Computer Systems tackles challenging problems that transcend any single component of the application software and architecture stack and require interdisciplinary solutions.

The center brings together faculty and students to innovate and create new designs for all aspects of computer system stacks from architecture, compiler, operating system, parallel processing and cloud in the greater context of software engineering, security, and high-performance computing. 

Current stack@cs center projects include:

  • Studying the use of memory compression in advanced computer system designs
  • Designing new systems at the intersection of hardware and security
  • Designing more efficient storage and I/O for clouds 
  • Addressing fundamental inefficiencies in parallel and distributed systems 
  • Anomaly detection for security as privacy
  • Creating novel Internet privacy and measurement techniques
  • Creating new algorithms for prediction and control of complex computing systems and data centers 
  • Studying challenges in service provider networks 
  • Innovating cryptography techniques including blockchain and privacy
  • Designing network scheduling runtime systems 
  • Inventing novel methodologies for computer simulations, engineering systems software and mobile devices to improve performance and efficiency
  • Automating software management and maintenance practices
  • Scaling memory management in virtualized systems
  • Advancing computing system education and broadening participation, and
  • Recruiting, retaining, and developing diverse undergraduate researchers through Broadening Undergraduate Research Groups (BURGs).