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Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Research group of the Department of Computer Science works on a variety of projects, concerned with various problems pertaining to all phases of the software development process.

Key current projects focus on problems that include the debugging, testing, refactoring, transformation, and optimization of different kinds of software applications (e.g., enterprise applications, mobile apps, big data analytics, web applications, desktop applications), security hardening, and build management. An ongoing project, A Lightweight Approach of Human-Like Playtest for Android Apps, is led by Associate Professor Na Meng.

Many of the faculty members of this group also work across areas, contributing to Security, Digital Education, Computer Systems, and Human Computer Interaction.

Here are some ongoing research projects related to software engineering:

Mobile/Cloud Software Engineering Lab:

Related Courses:

Current Research Project:
Title: Collaborative Measurement and Evaluation of Cybersecurity

Current research focuses on the following tasks:

  • Development of a cloud software application to enable the application of Professor Balci’s evaluation methodology that was successfully used in many DoD projects.
  • Development of a hierarchy of indicators in the form of an acyclic graph for the measurement and evaluation of cybersecurity of an organization or a company.
  • Enabling geographically distributed subject matter experts to evaluate the leaf indicators of the hierarchy using the cloud software application under development.
  • Educating the users to be a firewall against potential cyber attacks.
  • Development of a mobile/cloud software application to assist in cybersecurity breach response management.