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In Spring 2023 we are using a two round interview process for most candidates, with the first round being on Zoom, and a 2nd in-person round for finalists who are in a strong position to receive an offer.

Please do not hesitate to suggest specific elements to include in your itinerary, e.g., meetings with specific people, information about  certain programs.  Let us know if there are any elements or accomodations we can provide that will make your visit productive and enjoyable.

The typical Zoom-only interview extends from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with breaks.  Components of the interview include:

  • Meetings with Department Head Cal Ribbens: Your itinerary will begin with a get-acquainted meeting with Cal.  An exit meeting with Cal (scheduled a day or two after your interview day, at your convenience) will give you a chance to postprocess the visit, ask additional questions, and discuss next steps.

  • Seminar.  Aim for about 50 minutes for your talk, or 60 minutes with questions.  The audience will be a mix of graduate students and faculty members. For tenured and tenure-track candidates, the best talks give the audience an overview of your research (including future plans) as well as some details of at least one recent contribution.   For teaching-track faculty candidates, the talks may or may not include a research component, but should definitely reflect on your perspectives and plans with regard to teaching and/or pedagogy. The Zoom link for your presentation is only distributed internally; we do not post it on a public website.  However, with your permission, we record your presentation to share with faculty and students who are not able to participate live.  

  • Meetings with Faculty Members.  We will schedule two or three 30-60 minute meetings with faculty members, with an emphasis on closely-related research and/or teaching areas.  You will also have a chance to meet with the search committee chair: Dr. Ali Butt for tenured/tenure-track positions, Dr. Steve Edwards for instructor and collegiate faculty positions.