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Blockchain Certificate Program

Blockchain Certificate Program

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The certificate program will help attendees: 

  • Learn blockchain jargon (mining, hash, transactions), processes, and key stakeholders.

  • Analyze how their business can integrate blockchain into supply chains. What is an appropriate question for blockchain to solve? What are its limitations and associated costs?

  • Understand use cases for other successful business applications of blockchain.

  • Learn how to evaluate and select partners to design blockchain architecture and organize logistics.

  • Develop a speciality in a current area of blockchain - crypto, NFTs, smart contracts, decentralized manufacturing, etc. 


The VT Blockchain Certificate has two tracks: 

Blockchain for Entrepreneurs

This certificate is designed for professionals who manage businesses or want to kickstart a that may not know much about blockchain who want to gain the skills to make assessments about next steps and understand the ways they can benefit from implementing blockchain in their business.


Blockchain Basics

This certificate is designed for those that want to learn more about blockchain fundamentals. The certificate will cover the history of blockchain, current examples, the ethics of blockchain, and more. This track is perfect for individuals like undergraduate/graduate students and mid-career professionals, and who want to learn more about what blockchain is and how it works.