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CS 2064: Intermediate Programming in Python

CS 2064 (Intermediate Programming in Python) is a second-level introduction to programming in Python, building on the computational problem-solving skills and Python language fundamentals introduced in the first course in the series.  Topics include advanced uses of control flow and data processing, data structures, and computational techniques, as well as introducing object-oriented programming and modern data science pipelines.  Learners will be able to create, interpret, and debug complex programs.  Problems and projects in the course will be contextualized for scientists and engineers.  By the end of the course, students should acquire the skills necessary to successfully implement Python programs in data science and production environments, produce object-oriented solutions to complex problems, and build a strong understanding of the ethical implications of technological change.

Course Objectives:

  1. Create complex problems that solve problems using Python.
  2. Interpret and debug Python programs using standard debugging techniques.
  3. Use standard data structures to represent data and perform data processing.
  4. Construct computational pipelines to gain insight from unstructured data.
  5. Organize code using object-oriented programming strategies.
  6. Summarize, criticize, and participate in computing culture and history.


Prerequisites: CS 1064