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Seminar: FitAware: Promoting Group Fitness Awareness Through Smartwatches, Smartphones and Web

Andrey Esakia

Virginia Tech

Friday, March 30, 2018
11:15am - 12:15pm
100 Hancock Hall


Physical inactivity is a global public health concern. Community-based interventions that use strategies such as competition and cooperation, with group dynamics-based strategies at their core, are effective at improving individual physical activity behaviors, but they often rely on participants to actively seek out fitness information themselves. The use of technologies such as smartwatches has potential to channel and amplify the underlying program principles in such interventions through automated and glanceable feedback. I present a smartwatch- centered system aimed at encouraging group cohesion in physical activity interventions and show results from an 8-week statewide deployment.


Andrey Esakia is a Computer Science PhD candidate at Virginia Tech. His multi-disciplinary research work consists of building, deploying and evaluating technologies for health behavior change. He uses his multi- disciplinary background -- spanning the areas of Human-Computer Interaction and Behavioral Science -- to design systems for community-based interventions that use evidence-based behavioral strategies to promote physical activity. He has published in PervasiveHealth, SIGCHI, SIGGROUP, and SIGCSE.