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Seminar: Cross-device Web Search

Dan Wu

Professor at Wuhan University, China

Friday, October 26, 2018
11:15am - 12:30pm
2150 Torgersen Hall

Dan Wu


Leading a life in a multi-device environment, it is common for people to utilize multiple devices and span several sessions to search the same topic, which is referred as the cross-device search. It takes time to switch devices in the cross-device search, which interrupts the search task and leads to the task resumption. Then are there any differences on queries, search behaviors, search performance between pre-switch and post-switch sessions? This talk will introduce what is the cross-device search, relate it to relevant conceptual models, present the design and development of a system to support cross-device search, discuss the change patterns of semantic similarity of cross-device search queries, explore the cross-device search behavior modelling and predict users’ search performance in cross-device search. This talk will highlight a number of challenges and possible solutions for cross-device web search and recommendation.


Dan Wu (PhD) is a Professor at the School of Information Management, Wuhan University. She is the Director of Library Science Department. She received her PhD (2008) in Information Science from Peking University. She was a joint doctoral student in Information Science at University of Pittsburgh (2006-2007). She is now a Fulbright Scholar of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2018). She is the National Youth Top-notch Scholar launched by the Chinese government, and the Changjiang Youth Scholar launched by the Ministry of Education of China. She serves on the editorial board for international journals of International Journal of Librarianship, The Electronic Library, Journal of Convergence Information Technology, Journal of Data and Information Science, and Data and Information Management. Her research interests include information retrieval, information behavior, human-computer interaction, multilingual information processing and information organization. She has published 7 books and over 150 papers on academic journals such as Information Processing & Management, Journal of Information Science, and conferences such as SIGIR, CIKM, HCI, CSCW, JCDL, ASIS&T, iConference in the above fields. Her latest publication was an English book named “Mobile Search Behaviors: An In-depth Analysis based on Contexts, APPs and Devices” published by Morgan & Claypool Publishers (USA: 2018). She is the leader of Human-Computer Interaction Team at Wuhan University.