Internships and Co-ops

Graduate students can opt to pursue industrial/research internship opportunities, typically during the summer (May-July). These are usually paid opportunities and can serve to supplement a student’s academic training at Virginia Tech. The decision to undertake an internship and co-op must be taken in consultation with the advisor, who will ensure that it doesn’t interfere with the student’s academic progress.

International students are typically limited by their visa status regarding such employment opportunities. In particular, leave of absence for a "coop" or "internship" may only be permitted when it does not interfere with the degree program. The CS Department routinely grants permission for students on student visas to pursue coops and internships during the summer. It never grants permission for coursework-only students on student visas to pursue coop or internship during the academic year. MS Thesis and PhD students might be given permission for pursue coop or internship during the academic year only under the extremely rare situation where such coop or internship is required to support that student's research program.

For international students, internships and coops are typically categorized as CPT (Curricular Practical Training) for the purpose of immigration classifications. See the graduate school’s website ( for forms and procedures relating to CPT.