(Last updated July 11, 2018)

The table below shows graduate courses the computer science department plans to offer through Spring 2020. This list should be considered tentative; it is subject to resource constraints, faculty constraints and enrollment. See the Virginia Tech Time Table for scheduling details for specific semesters.

Course offerings marked ...

  • "B" are taught by Biology faculty
  • "E" are taught by ECE faculty
  • "I" are taught by ISE faculty
  • "M" are taught by Math faculty
  • "S" are taught by Statistics faculty
CS 5014 Research Methods in CS x   x  
CS 5104 Computability & Formal Languages       x
CS 5114 Theory of Algorithms x   x  
CS 5124 Algorithms in Bioinformatics   x    
CS 5204 Operating Systems x   x  
CS 5234 Advanced Parallel Computation       x
CS 5304 Translator Design & Construction     x  
CS 5314 Programming Languages       x
CS 5424 Computational Cell Biology   B   x
CS 5465 Numerical Analysis M   M  
CS 5466 Numerical Analysis   M   M
CS 5485 Numerical Analysis & Software x   M  
CS 5486 Numerical Analysis & Software   x   M
CS 5504 Computer Architecture E x E  
CS 5510 Multiprocessor Programming E   x  
CS 5525 Data Analytics x x S x
CS 5526 Data Analytics   x   S
CS 5560 Fundamentals of Information Security E x E x
CS 5565 Network Architecture & Protocols E   E  
CS 5580 Cryptographic Engineering   E   E
CS 5584 Network Security x   x  
CS 5590 System and Software Security   x   x
CS 5604 Information Storage & Retrieval x   x  
CS 5614 Database Management   x    
CS 5634 Data Management in Bioinformatics        
CS 5704 Software Engineering   x x x
CS 5714 Usability Engineering   x   I
CS 5724 Models & Theories of HCI x   x  
CS 5734 Computer Supported Cooperative Work        
CS 5754 Virtual Environments   x   x
CS 5764 Information Visualization x   x  
CS 5774 User Interface Software x      
CS 5804 Artificial Intelligence       x
CS 5824 Advanced Machine Learning E x E x
CS 5834 Introduction to Urban Computing x   x  
CS 5854 Computational Systems Biology       x