Register for the Virginia Tech Blockchain Challenge

Closes 11:59PM FEB 25

What's the Virginia Tech Blockchain Challenge?

A semester-long blockchain application development competition led by the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech and made possible in part through a generous gift from

Student teams of two to five participants will compete for $25,000 in prizes!

Challenges and Prizes

Teams will be asked to participate in a series of two challenges designed to give students experience brainstorming, refining, and developing software innovations that leverage the promise of blockchain technologies.


Challenge: Idea Validation

Teams submit their innovative idea to receive feedback and validation from local experts and engineers early in the software design process. Please include:

One 250-word jargon-free abstract that attempts to answer these questions:

  • What do you want to do?
  • What problem are you solving? 
  • How is it done today?
  • Who in the VT community will benefit?
  • How will you use the blockchain? Smart contracts? EOSIO? 
  • If it works, how will it help the VT community?


One 250-word technical description of your design:

  • What roadmap will you follow and what tools will you use?
  • What is the minimum functionality of your prototype?
  • What is your plan with regard to user interface or experience?

Winners and Prizes

Winners have been announced for Phase I! 

Undergraduate-Only Teams

  • Top team: $1,000
  • Honorable Mention team: $500

Graduate Teams*

  • Top team: $1,000
  • Honorable Mention: $500

* graduate teams may be all graduates or mix of grads and undergrads 

Superlative Prizes

Best Phase I social media post by participant: $250 

Phase I Social Media Winners
Congratulations to @JWBlockChainBo1 for whipping up a mini social media hurricane to win first prize for Best Phase I Social media efforts!

Best VT Blockchain Logo: $500

Best VT Blockchain Challenge T-shirt Design: $500

Phase I - Best T-Shirt Design
Shout out to Nic Hardy for snagging the Best Phase I t-shirt design!
  • Twitter: Use #vtblockchain and tag @VT_CS and @VTEngineering on and Twitter so we can see your posts!
  • Join the VT BC Challenge Slack Channel: 


Challenge: Technology Buildout

Teams submit their fully working prototype application that leverages blockchain technologies and the EOSIO platform. Top finalists will be invited to present a live demonstration of their solution to an accomplished panel of judges at the EOSIO closing ceremonies on the Virginia Tech Campus in Blacksburg.


Undergraduate-Only Teams

  • Top team: $7,500
  • Honorable Mention: $2,500

Graduate Teams

  • Top team*: $7,500
  • Honorable Mention: $2,500

* graduate teams may be all graduates or mix of grads and undergrads

Superlative prizes

  • Best social media post by participant: $750 Twitter: #vtblockchain @VT_CS @VTEngineering


[DUE APRIL 24 11:59PM]

Further Details TBD

  1. REGISTER your team (e.g., YouNoodle)
    **All team members must register as INDIVIDUALS first by Feb 18.
    [See slide #4]
  2. Submit your solution, include pointer to code base (e.g., github)
  3. Teams with compliant submissions invited to pitch demo.
  4. Finalists notified [May 2]; 
  5. Mandatory pitch workshop [May 7]
  6. Finalists pitch demo to judges at final Award Ceremony [May 9]

VT Blockchain Challenge Rules

  • Teams of two-five participants are allowed. All team members must be currently enrolled, fulltime Virginia Tech students. All team members must have completed the participation agreement to compete.
  • You may not begin your project until the competition officially begins. Please don't build on top of previous projects if you want to win.
  • You may enter the competition any time prior to February 25. All team members must have completed the participation agreement by this date to compete.
  • Teams will retain full ownership of everything they build for this event.
  • Winning teams will be subject to a code review at some point following the event or immediately before prizes are awarded.

Who can participate?

Currently enrolled Virginia Tech students. Student teams will use the EOSIO platform to build cutting-edge blockchain applications that provide value to the broader Virginia Tech community of faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends.

How do I compete?

  1.   Sign up as an individual.
    • Required of all participants prior to signing up on a team.
  2.   Sign up to compete as a team of two to five people. 
  3.   Follow the rules and make the next Blockchain Killer App!

Judging Criteria for All Phases

All categories have a five-point maximum

  Use of the EOSIO technology

How well does the solution leverage the blockchain and integrate with's EOSIO technology?


How creative was the team in developing a unique and innovative solution for the challenge?


Does this solution potentially solve an important challenge facing the Hokie community?

Design and Usability

For phase 1, is there a clear consideration of design and usability.

For phase 2, rate the UX/UI, functionality and ease of use of the solution.


For phase 1, is there a clear roadmap to functionality?

For phase 2, was a working, functional prototype demonstrated? How well does the solution perform and meet the purpose described?

Host a VT Blockchain Challenge Hangout

In addition to leading the VT Challenge, The Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech can support up to five challenge hangouts on the Blacksburg campus throughout the competition. the department will provide snacks and drinks for up to 50 participants at each event throughout the semester to hangout, plan, compare notes, lend a hand, celebrate milestones, or get feedback from peers.

How to host a Virginia Tech Challange Hangout in Blacksburg:

(limited to 50 participants, maximum events throughout the semester)

  1. Establish committee of 3 student organizers for the event.
  2. Obtain permission for event from the Department of Computer Science.
  3. Send invites and record RSVPs for head count. A minimum headcount is required.
  4. Confirm food/drink budget with the Department of Computer Science.
  5. Secure on-campus location for event (no alcohol permitted).
  6. Host a great event!
  7. Committee and participants clean up venue.