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Blockchain Boot Camp

The second Virginia Tech Blockchain Boot Camp, hosted by the Department of Computer Science,  was on Jan. 18, 2020 at Goodwin Hall Auditorium on Virginia Tech's campus. 

The morning was dedicated to the history and evolution of blockchain and the basics of the technology. In the afternoon, students received hands-on experience using blockchain applications.

The boot camp, led by Virginia Tech faculty in partnership with blockchain industry engineers, serves as the kickstart to a blitz of university spring blockchain events. It gives computer science and noncomputer science majors alike a taste of how blockchain technology works and what it can do. 

Over the spring 2020 semester, students will be eligibe to participate in a semester-long blockchain application development competition. 

Presenter slides and other resources from the boot camp can be found below.

Get Started with Blockchain Technology

C++ for Blockchain Applications.pdf Instructions for setting up EOSIO software. This requires Linux or Mac OS X.
Developing Web Applications for EOSIO.pdf
EOSIO and Smart Contract Development.pdf

Blockchain Challenge 2020 Announcement Video
Dan Larimer, CTO,

Hokie Chain Team Demonstration