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Blockchain Challenge Winners 2020

On May 4th, four student teams competed for $24,000 in the second Virginia Tech Blockchain Challenge Finale, the culmination of a semester-long blockchain application development competition. Led by the Department of Computer Science, the Challenge is made possible through a generous gift from, with special thanks to Dan Larimer, Greg Lee, and Brandon Fancher.

The teams, including The Goblins, block.two, SLim's Crew: Electric Boogaloo, and VTRADE, were asked to present their projects based on the following charge: "Using the EOSIO Framework, develop a distributed blockchain application that creates a token-based, incentive-driven market for one or more of the following shared Hokie resources":

  • Class dates/times
  • Parking spaces
  • Football Tickets
  • Textbooks

Each team submitted a 90-second abstract video, featured below under their photos. 

Grand Prize Winner: The Goblins
$15,000 Scholarship

Runner-up Winner: block.two
$8,000 Scholarship

block.two team

Honorable Mention: SLim's Crew Electric Boogaloo
$1,000 Scholarship

SLim's Crew" Electric Boogaloo team

Special thanks to judges Mary Miller, Raphael Gaudreault, and Ritesh Johar returning for a second year to lend their leadership and support.

Mary Miller
Raphael Gaudreault
Ritesh Johar