Blockchain Challenge FAQs

18 JAN Spring 2020 CS@VT Blockchain Boot Camp
18 JAN Spring 2020 Virginia Tech Blockchain Challenge Begins
25 FEB
11:59 PM EST
Phase I Submissions Due
1 MAR Phase I Feedback provided and Prizes awarded
24 APR
11:59 PM EST
Phase II Submissions Due
28 APR Challenge Finalists Notified
1 MAY Mandatory Finalist Presentation Workshop

 4 MAY                      Challenge Finale--Location TBD
 3:00 PM

Generally, no. For extenuating circumstances, contact Dr. Cameron via
the slack channel to arrange a meeting
to discuss options.

The best place to post logistical and technical issues about the
Challenge is on the slack channel We
will try our best to get answers posted within 48 hours (usually

  • Phase II Judging Criteria:
    Use of the EOSIO technology (Max 5 points)
    Impact of Virginia Tech community (Max 5 points)
    Functionality (Max 5 points)
    Creativity (Max 5 points)
    Design and Usability  (Max 5 points)
  1. Basically you need to create a backend that leverages EOSIO and the
    blockchain to deliver an application of benefit to the Virginia Tech
  2. You also need some sort of interface to demonstrate the use (and
    value) of your application. This would typically be a mobile app or a
    web interface. For examples of EOS web interfaces see:

YES! Phase I participation is not a requirement for Phase II.

Social media posts must be made by individuals and teams. It's up to you. 
For Phase I, social media posts eligible for prizes must be posted
prior to 11:59 PM on Feb. 25.

For Phase II, social media posts eligible for prizes must be posted
prior to 11:59 PM on April 24.