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Blockchain Webinar Series

The Giving Block co-founders Alex Wilson, left, and Pat Duffy.
The Giving Block co-founders Alex Wilson, left, and Pat Duffy led the January 2021 webinar.

The Department of Computer Science and the Blockchain Initiative are proud to announce the Blockchain Webinar Series. As a complement to the Blocksburg Summit, the webinar series brings together thought leaders from blockchain to discuss the ways this emergent technology presents opportunities and challenges for commercial enterprises, government, research, and education. The series will provide speakers with a platform to think about the future of blockchain technology and present their strategies for success.

Webinars occur during a weekday lunchtime, and are free to all participants.

Brady Dale, Senior Reporter, The Defiant

The year's first Blockchain that Serves Webinar will be with Brady Dale and discuss DeFi. Brady is a senior reporter at The Defiant. This month's discussion will focus on: what is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and how it will transform the traditional financial industry. Dan Barzyk, one of the leaders of the Blockchain at Virginia Tech Club, will co-host this discussion. 

We are joined by Pamela Clegg of CipherTrace. Pamela will discuss the ways that blockchains and cryptocurrencies can facilitate tracing cyber crimes and ransom payouts. She will also discuss the ways that CipherTrace operates when tracking financial transactions and examine several case studies from their recent Anti-Money Laundering Report.

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Alex Wilson and Pat Duffy, Co-founders - The Giving Block

In our January webinar we will chat with the co-founders of The Giving Block, a company that makes it easy for nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency donations. Alex and Pat will discuss the importance of cryptocurrency donations to the nonprofit sector, the intersection of philanthropy and blockchain, and the origins of their company.

Aaron Krowne, Attorney - Krowne Law

Obtain a better understanding of blockchain law through a Q&A with alumnus Aaron Krowne (MS '03).

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