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Reading Groups, etc.

Digital Education Reading Group
Description: Discussion and paper-reading group on topics releated to Digital Education research
Contact: Dr. Shaffer
Google Group:!forum/digital-education-research-at-vt
Time/Frequency: About twice per month, Friday mornings before Graduate Seminar.

Meeting of the Digital Library Research Laboratory (DLRL)
This group works on digital libraries, information retrieval, multimedia, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, web archiving, and a variety of applications connected with HCI, systems, and/or theory/experimental studies.
Contact: Dr. Fox,, 231-5113,
Time/Frequency: Mondays at noon in 2030 Torgersen Hall

Global Event and Trend Archive Research (GETAR) Project
Project involves collecting, archiving, analyzing, visualizing, and applying tweets and webpages to better understand events (e.g., crises, disasters, important global activities) and trends.
Contact: Dr. Fox,, 231-5113,
Time/Frequency: Thursdays at 1pm in 2030 Torgersen Hall

Numerical analysis, optimization, mathematical software
This group works at the interface of mathematics, high performance computing, and applications.
Contact: Dr. Layne Watson,

3D Interaction Group meeting
The 3D Interaction Group, under the direction of Dr. Doug Bowman, studies user interfaces and user experience in virtual/augmented/mixed reality.
Contact: Doug Bowman,
Time/Frequency: Wednesdays at 2-3pm via Zoom

VT Systems Reading Group
We read papers about computer systems from many perspectives, including software, security, and architecture.
Contacts: Dr. Dongyoon Lee, Jamie Davis
Group meets weekly.