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Research Areas

Research Areas

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. Applies fundamental algorithms and computational methods to biology, biochemistry, and biophysics in service to health care, food production, and epidemiology.

Data Analytics, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Designs  algorithms and creates systems to manage, model, and analyze large data sets in order to extract usable information and insight, and build intelligent systems.

Digital EducationDevelops pedagogy and tools for CS education, applies computational thinking in other disciplines, and studies effective use of technology for K-12.  

HPC and Computational Science.  Designs and applies high performance computing (HPC) algorithms and systems to simulate and study complex systems. 

Human Computer InteractionStudies intersection between social/behavioral sciences and information technology; creates and evaluates new ways to integrate computing technology with human life. 

Security. Identifies vulnerabilities and defenses for computing systems; designs solutions to enhance  security and privacy of systems and data.  

Software Engineering. Studies the practices and components that enable software design, creation, and application.  

Systems. Designs, develops, and evaluates the layers of software that make modern computing systems and networks efficient and usable.   

Theory and Algorithms. Designs computational models and algorithms, and analyzes their mathematical properties and performance.