Computer science students--both undergraduate and graduates from the Department of Computer Science landed some premiere internships with companies across the globe. While some are interning in a physical office setting , others are working remotely for companies, labs, and programs.

Devin Hux
This summer, Devin Hux ('23) is a solutions development intern for SAS Institute in Cary, NC! She will be working to develop solutions that pair with existing SAS technology to help companies accomplish their specific goals.
Justin Perez
This summer, Justin Perez ('22) is a software engineer intern for Microsoft in Redmond, WA! He will be developing tools that will allow the .NET developers insight into the status of their CI pipelines, giving estimations of how long it will take for their pipelines to run, and displaying this information right in Github.
Rebecca Whitten
This summer, Rebecca Whitten ('23) is a high performance computing intern for Los Alamos National Lab in Los Alamos, NM! She will be developing performance testing for a materials data library used in large-scale simulations.
Roshni Saxena
This summer, Roshni Saxena ('23) is a software engineering intern for Lockheed Martin in Orlando, Florida! She will be working on the F-35 pilot plane maintenance and training.
Ryan Gniadek
This summer, Ryan Gniadek ('23) is a software engineer intern for Anedot. In this role, he is part of the backend engineering team working on payments technology, as well as the DevOps team working on maintaining secure cloud infrastructure. He's able to do all of this remotely in the Aneverse!
Surya Tej
This summer, Surya Tej ('22) is a software validation intern for NXP Semiconductors Inc. in San Jose, CA! In this role, he is developing a REST API used for CI/CD software quality assurances tests related to wireless connectivity software.