LACE, a collaborative project that melds art and engineering to distill abstract concepts of blockchain computing into a tangible experience, made a grand appearance at the 2022 ACCelerate Creativity + Innovation Festival April 8-10.

A larger than life interactive, kinetic sculpture and functional, transparent, immutable, decentralized ledger, LACE dynamically responds in real time to transactions on the blockchain. The project brings the talents of the Department of Computer Science and the School of Visual Arts faculty members Kirk Cameron and Sam Blanchard, respectively, and students from each of the departments.

LACE was one of three projects representing Virginia Tech at the three-day celebration of creative exploration and innovative research happening at the intersection of science, engineering, arts, and design from across the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and the Smithsonian Institution.

This project’s name is inspired by two main factors. The first factor being Ada Lovelace, who through her contributions to math and computing, has been named one of the world’s first computer programmers.

The second factor, a happy accident, is the blockchain itself. When visualized, its distributed network has a striking resemblance to a patterned lace. Hence, the name was born.