Roxanne Paul, administrative and program specialist in the Department of Computer Science, and who plays an integral part of the operations of the College of Engineering in the Greater Washington, D.C. metro area, is the recipient of the Virginia Louise “Jenny” Frank Award.

In addition to supervising several graduate assistants in the college, she works closely with the Engineering Dean's Office, as well as the administrative staff members in three engineering departments in Blacksburg.

This top award recognizes College of Engineering staff members for outstanding contributions exhibited above and beyond normal job expectations. This generous award has been funded by Dr. Theodore S. and Brenda Rappaport in Jenny’s memory. Jenny was a co-worker and friend to the Rappaports. She worked for more than 20 years at Virginia Tech in the Mobile and Portable Radio Research group under Electrical and Computer Engineering, where she was a public relations specialist.

The College works closely with the College Association for Staff in Engineering to recognize individuals each academic year. Winners and award presentation by College of Engineering Dean Julia Ross can be found here.

Here are a few excerpts from the nomination letters:

"Roxanne has also demonstrated her care for other graduate students. On a recurring basis, I hear and see students, including me, who are grateful to what Roxanne has done to assist them or advise them. Roxanne shows that she cares for students, more than what is expected from a staff member in her position, which shows dedication, diligence, and efficiency."

"In spite of the growing department size and activities, it was amazing to see Roxanne's growing enthusiasm to serve our department's needs. In fact, instead of complaining about any issues, Roxanne's positive attitude toward work and surrounding environment, often astounds me."

"She has shown excellent teamwork activities within the National Capital Region College of Engineering program directors and staff. Furthermore, she has always responded to students and faculty members' inquiries in a gentle and informative manner. She has a very pleasant personality and has shown great integrity in her work and overall behavior. She is open to other cultures — a quality that is very much appreciated by students and faculty alike in view of their diverse origins."