Virginia Tech computer science students recently had the unique opportunity to interact with a legendary contributor to the field of software engineering. Grady Booch, chief scientist for software engineering at IBM, joined Dave Noller’s software engineering capstone (CS:4704) class on March 15 to share his thoughts on the development of software engineering and software architecture since the dawn of computing. 

His presentation to the capstone class included a broad survey of trends and developments in software engineering over the years, including ideas from before computing, and leading up to today’s dynamic and ubiquitous computing environment and emerging paradigms, such as quantum computing. 

Booch’s list of accomplishments and accolades is extremely long. He is widely credited as one of the originators of the term and the practice of object-oriented design, co-author of the Unified Modeling Language, a founding member of the Agile Alliance, and contributes a regular column for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) software.  He was recently named an IEEE computer pioneer.

In addition to holding fellows with IBM, Association for Computing Machinery, and IEEE, he has given the Turing Lecture for the British Computer Society.