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Virtual Showcase of Creative Computing Studio 2020 Fall

This is not a Zoom event that you have to attend but a website that you can check out 8 final projects that CS senior students worked on for this semester. I personally think all projects are really interesting and the students ended up creating creative and exciting web applications that you can try on your own.  I will leave brief descriptions of all the projects below. 

Please enjoy and leave comments if you like! That will make students feel rewarded! 


Sang Won Lee. 

Project 1: Interactive 360 Virtual Tour of the Peddrew-Yates Hall: A History of Inclusion of African-American Community at Virginia Tech

Project 2: A online card table that lets you play ANY card games

Project 3: Digital marching band drills for quick creation and sharing

Project 4: How much plastic do we consume? Compare the result with the Empire State Building

Project 5: Visualization and sonification of climate change and ocean pollution

Project 6: MusiCanvas - generative music from drawing

Project 7: Creating Dadaism collage online

Project 8: A collaborative mosaic inspired by the snake game and etch-a-sketch