Q:  What are some of the ways that L3Harris connects with Virginia Tech students?

We’re always looking for new ways to connect, but a main source of our connections include career fairs, department information sessions, and student organizations, like Society of Women Engineers, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and National Society of Black Engineers, as examples.

Q:  Can you please share more about the panel you are hosting on October 27th?

Our panel will include a variety of employees at multiple levels of the company, to include a vice president and director. Many will be Virginia Tech alumni as well! We will use this time to discuss their experience and career. In addition, we will be open to any and all questions students may have regarding their potential careers and best practices.

Q: How many years has L3Harris been attending career fairs at Virginia Tech?

Virginia Tech has always had a deep root of alumni here at L3Harris, but we have been utilizing and developing a strong partnership model for about three years and counting!

Q:  What distinguishes Virginia Tech students as potential employees?

Attitude is everything! We are a growing and innovative company that is looking for students with similar attitude! Interests in learning and trying new things really stands out and advances both your skillset and our business opportunities.

Q:  Can you please provide examples of what kind of job roles and areas of specialty you are seeking in Virginia Tech graduates? 

We are currently searching for interns, typically at a junior or senior level, and also students who will be graduating in the next couple semesters. Roles we look for include: software engineer, systems engineer, manufacturing engineer, electrical engineer, program finance, and supply chain and procurement leaders, too!

Q: You mention that you put new grads and interns in the driver’s seat of their career. Can you please share the ways you do this?

We have a structured intern and new college graduate program to ease you into the career force including a mentorship program. For new college graduates, we also have a special review period for open discussions with leadership teams to ensure you are heading in the right direction and getting the absolute most out of your career path.

L3Harris is very open and flexible to new opportunities within our company so you never have to feel stuck in a single department or discipline. We want you to grow and develop and we will provide those tools for you excel.

Q: Can you share how you support a culture of inclusion and diversity? 

Collectively, the diverse experiences, ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds our employees bring to the company are what drive innovation and excellence – imperatives for remaining an industry leader.

So, to us, diversity and inclusion is far more than a business metric. It is a key driver of our business success. We have taken very intentional steps to create an environment in which all of our colleagues feel valued and respected – and where everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their potential while being their true selves at work. These steps drive how we govern our business, make strategic decisions, educate and develop leaders, and engage and empower our employees.

Q:  How many Virginia Tech graduates currently work for L3Harris?

There are currently 172 active employee alumni who received their bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech and 40 active employee master's degree alumni.

Q:  For students that are interested in career opportunities at L3Harris, what should they do next?

Apply to our careers page where we list our new graduate and intern opportunities in the title with location listed as well.  And of course visit us at the Virginia Tech career fairs!