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Graduate Seminar | Navigating Misinformation and Filter Bubbles: Designing against Problematic Information Online by Enhancing Dual-Process Information Consumption

Navigating Misinformation and Filter Bubbles:
Designing Against Problematic Information Online by Enhancing Dual-Process Information Consumption

Md Momen Bhuiyan
Friday, November 18, 2022
2:30 PM
2150 Torgersen Hall

Online information feeds on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google News are increasingly becoming complicated for lay users from the confluence of two developments: i) the influx of information from named or unnamed sources makes it hard to differentiate misinformation from credible ones, and ii) the platform-led push for personalization to improve engagement results in filter bubbles that are hard to escape from. These challenges become daunting due to the cognitive overload users suffer from browsing endless content within an insufficient amount of time, and the inadequate support platforms provide to assist them. Utilizing the dual-process theories of mind from cognitive psychology, I introduce a set of systems that assists users in automatic and reflective information processing in online information feeds. First, in NudgeCred, I show the development and effectiveness of design cues built around heuristics to engage automatic information processing and nudge users' perception of information credibility on social media. Second, TransparencyCue answers how stakeholders' values in a system---in this case, the value of transparency on news platforms---can be adopted while designing such cues to help its audience differentiate content quality. Third, I developed OtherTube by repurposing system-generated recommendations to let users see diverse content and reflect on the filters imposed on their interests by YouTube. Fourth, through NewsComp, I test whether users can critically engage and read news articles on the same event but from multiple sources while comparatively annotating content similarities and disparities. Overall, I propose guides for creating design-driven support against problematic information online.



Md Momen Bhuiyan is a Phd Candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech, being co-advised by Sang Won Lee and Tanushree Mitra. With a research focus on Human-Computer Interaction, Momen designs and evaluates socio-technical systems to support users navigate problematic information space online. His work has been published at venues such as ACM CSCW, CHI, and Computation+Journalism. Previously, Momen received a BSc in Computer Science from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.