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Seminar: Equity and Justice in Robot and AI Design Processes

Anastasia Ostrowski

Ph.D. Candidate and Design Researcher
MIT Media Lab

Tuesday, February 21, 2023
11:00 AM
1100 Torgersen Hall


As we see more evidence of how artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies can harm society, we need to adjust our technology design processes to prevent creating or further entrenching social inequities and address the central question of how do we design robots and AI technologies equitably. This talk describes design justice, co-design, design research, and human-centered design methodologies that have been deployed to create more equitable design processes for robots and AI technologies. The work highlighted demonstrates how to engage in equitable design of robot and AI technologies by (1) empowering users through design methodologies; (2) mapping design, equity, and justice in human-AI interaction; and (3) creating spaces to support equitable technology design and design education.


Anastasia K. Ostrowski is a Ph.D. candidate and design researcher at the MIT Media Lab. Her work explores equitable design of robots, AI systems, and design education through co-design, participatory design, and design justice approaches, working with roboticists, co-designers, and policy thinkers. Anastasia received her bachelor and master's degrees in biomedical engineering from the University of Michigan with a focus on engineering design processes and idea generation.