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The Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech has built a strong curriculum thanks to the help of its corporate partners who are members of CS|Source.

With the help of CS|Source, not only do Virginia Tech computer science students have the chance to be exposed to some of the best software and hardware companies in the world, but they also have access to the resources that they need to go out and do great things, such as undergraduate research or community service through organizations like CS-Squared. This benefits not only the students, by providing real-world work opportunities, but also the companies, by giving them access to graduates of the highest caliber.

 CS|Source companies work together with the Department of Computer Science to bridge the gaps between industry and academia. Our mission is to identify and support the needs of employers, students, teachers, and researchers.


CS|Source Membership Information

Membership Fees and Benefits (including Agencies/National Labs)

CS|Source Designated Sponsorship List (DSL) - Coming soon


Prospective New Members Information

If you are not a current member and would like to join the waiting list, please contact Julia Costello with CS|Source at 540.231.8945 or

CS|Source gives you access to a fall and/or spring career fair (September/February). We invite all computer science undergraduate and graduate students and CS minors to participate in these events. In turn, we use the annual CS|Source dues to support scholarships, student activities, and other student events.


2020 Stakeholder CS|Source Companies