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Beer & Bytes
Thursday, May 26 from 5:30pm-7pm
The Maroon Door - Patio (weather permitting)
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Join fellow NRV alumni for an evening of food, drinks, and networking! Complimentary appetizers and two drink tickets per person will be available.

Reunion Weekend 2022
June 9 – 12, 2022
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Join us in Blacksburg June 9 – 12 as alumni take over the campus and enjoy athletic facility tours, research presentations and demos, dinner, music and fireworks on the Drillfield and so much more! Virginia Tech Engineering will showcase student projects, highlight faculty research, and tour the newly renovated Holden Hall.

Schedule Highlight
Friday, June 10 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Holtzman Alumni Center Assembly Hall
Human-Centered AI for Research: Creating Connections Across Disciplines with associate professor Kurt Luther

Plus, each household that attends Reunion Weekend will now receive one-of-a-kind summer fun Virginia Tech gear:

  • Two stainless steel wine tumblers
  • A grilling set
  • A gobble til you wobble apron
  • A beach ball
  • A pair of sunglasses

Can’t make it back but still want to participate?! Join us virtually and you can also receive this one-of-a-kind summer gear.

Catch Up on Our Latest Webinar

The Great Debate: Technical vs. Managerial Career Paths

Learn how to tackle the myths of the management route, as well as how to keep your technical skills relevant once making the management jump.

Hear the perspectives from the following alumni:

  • Uma Murthy (PhD ‘11): Software Engineer, Amazon Search
  • Pardha Pyla (MS ‘06; PhD ‘07): Head of UX, AMOS, Google Cloud
  • Paul Thorn (BS ‘76): IT Consultant, City of Annapolis 
  • Edgardo Vega (BS ‘04; MS ‘11): Vice President of Engineering, NCYBER


Recordings of Previous Events

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Diversity in CS Panel
Panelists shared the challenges that the African-American community faces in the computer science field. Panelists include: Briana Augenreich ('15), Victoria Hairston ('17), and Lawrence Warren (MS '18).

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Women in CS Panel
Panelists share their personal pathways and experiences in a male dominated industry, talk about the importance of female networks, and share how they are paving the way for other women in computer science. Panelists include: Margaret Ellis (MS '02), Associate Professor of Practice; Sarah Lee ('18); and Megan Underwood ('08).

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Defending Deepfakes: AI & Security
Associate Professor Bimal Viswanath explains his research that investigates threats posed by deepfakes and methods for defense.

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Timeless Technology: Civil War Photo Sleuth
Associate Professor Kurt Luther traces the 150-year history of photo sleuthing, showing how the passage of time has magnified some challenges, but also unlocked exciting new possibilities. Check out Civil War Photo Sleuth here.

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How Are You Strengthening Your Resilience Muscles?
Alumna Sharmin Banu ('98), an executive coach for tech leaders, shared the misconceptions around resilience, how busy tech professionals incorportated it in their lives, as well as simply, easy to implement resilience-building rituals. 

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Understanding Blockchain Law:
Q&A with Alumnus Aaron Krowne (MS '03)
Obtain a better understanding of how blockchain has evolved over the past decade, its changing regulations, as well as the grey areas of pertinent laws. 

Tips from the Top: Leading as a Woman Engineer
Alumna Christina Wick ('98) shares her personal career pathway and experiences leading as a woman engineer. Passionate about technology as it relates to mobile software development, she has built a career that has pushed and challenged her, honing her leadership skills every step of the way. Throughout her career, she has built high performing teams at multiple top companies.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Build The Product YOU
Alumna Sharmin Banu ('99) shared her process to evaluate your entreprenuerial mindset with students in a hybrid webinar. This article dives into the three questions to ask yourself: why, what, and how.

Virtual Entrepreneur Panel

In this virtual panel of entrepreneurial alumni, panelists dove into how they secured funding, the fear of failure, and much more.

Moderated by former faculty member and entrepreneur, Srinidhi Varadarajan.

Panelists include:

Human-Computer Interaction Research Applied to Everyday Life

Professors Doug Bowman and Sang Won Lee dive into:

  • The future of everyday AR use cases and recent user experience (UX) research aimed at enabling this vision. 
  • How computational systems can facilitate empathic communication and collaboration in creative domains and beyond. 
  • How students are impacting their research.