Master of Science Coursework Option

The Master of Science degree provides a solid foundation in computer science while still offering flexibility to meet the needs and interests of individual students. The Master of Science coursework option requires 33 credits derived from courses. Students in good standing typically complete the MS coursework option in two years. The department typically does not admit students into the coursework option; it is typically used for PhD students to get an MS “along the way” to the PhD.

Note: The coursework option requires more credits than the MS Thesis option. In addition, there are courses in the MS Thesis option that cannot be used for the Coursework option. Students that start on the thesis option normally will be delayed should they decide to switch to the coursework option.

To complete the coursework option, students must satisfy a breadth requirement, adhere to an appropriate credit distribution, enroll in the graduate seminar, comply with the ethics requirement, and complete a final exam requirement either by doing an independent study and report or passing the qualifying exam at the Master's level.