All graduate degrees require a final exam. This exam must be taken during an academic term in which the student is registered (perhaps this registration will be as a defense-only student, see Defense Exceptions). PhD Degrees also require a Preliminary Exam. The Preliminary and Final Exams are "owned" by and therefore scheduled with the Graduate School. This section documents the procedures.

At least two weeks prior to the examination date, the student must schedule a final exam with the Graduate School. The request for the exam is done electronically and must be approved by all members of the advisory committee, the GD, and the Graduate School. The policy page at the Graduate School contains more information. The Graduate School Exam Approval System also has some help information.

Note: There are several checks that must be met before the exam can be scheduled. A student must have an approved Plan of Study, and must not have any holds on his/her account.

Note: DO NOT submit a Plan of Study at the same time as you schedule an exam. Your plan of study should be approved (not submitted, but approved) before you request an exam.